Broken Heart Quotes

Broken Heart Quotes can help you to deal with losing your mate. They let you know that others have felt your pain and understand where you are at. Here are two broken heart quotes that do exactly that:

"I always knew I would look back on my tears and laugh; but I never knew I would look back at my laughter and cry."

"Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart."

These are powerful words that speak of the emotional anguish of losing our love. These broken heart quotes point to how empty and hurt we feel inside. This is only normal. You feel empty inside because you cared and loved so much. Your broken heart points to how deep a lover you are. You love! You connected on a deep level. It filled your heart. Now it feel empty and that hurts.

Broken heart quotes are good for us in many ways. It is good for us to know that others have shared our pain. It is good to know we are not alone. It is good to know others have dealt with this and made it through. When we have a broken heart, we have to deal with emotional anguish.

"Well, I feel miserable today, like I'll never be loved again. And I feel like my whole future is now hopeless. And I feel humiliated that he left me." This is emotional anguish. It is real and it feels like you can never be okay again. However, you can heal in other ways besides reading broken heart quotes. 
One way is by sharing those feelings with someone, you begin to let them go. It's not immediate, but it does work. Sharing about feelings helps us process them. That is why there are so many broken heart quotes available. People are sharing the depths of their pain.

So perhaps you have some quotes you could write down and share on the internet? That is just a simple way to start to heal. Write down a few broken heart quotes and share them. And talk to a friend about how you are feeling. Venting or getting things off your chest can really help you to deal with the emotional anguish in a positive way.

It is also natural when looking at broken heart quotes to want to get your ex back into your life. If you feel that this is possible, then there are some strategies you can use with dignity and kindness to perhaps heal some of the relationship damage and at least begin talking to your ex again and establishing a connection. Sometimes these strategies can work in as little as fifteen minutes to reconnect with your ex.

Just because your ex left you (or you, them) and it may have seemed permanent, many times you can at least begin talking with your ex and re-establishing a connection. No matter what happened, however angry or unpleasant the breaking up, after a few days or a week both of you have probably calmed down and might even be a bit embarrassed about what happened.

Sharing broken heart quotes is one way to deal with the pain, and in some cases, so is reconnecting with your mate. If they cheated on your or even if you cheated on them, you shared a deep love and you don't want to leave the relationship in a state of upset and anger. It may seem like there is no hope for even re-establishing polite relations but there is.

So as you deal with the pain and loss of your mate, take some time to focus on healing yourself and feeling better over time. Sharing and talking about your pain with a friend is good. Learning some kind and healthy ways to reconnect with your ex is good. And writing your own broken heart quotes can really help as well.


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